At Spring Green London, we believe that to sleep well, look well, think well and love well, we must first eat well.1

We trust in the power of fresh, nutrient-rich, multitasking foods and use innovative ingredients from around the world, all with a plant-based focus. Our carefully crafted meals use a hybrid of raw and cooked foods for full nutritional benefit. Each has been designed to leave your body, skin and mind completely nourished – to help you feel your happiest, brightest, most gorgeous self.

Our well-balanced menus maximise nutrition; helping to boost vitality and wellness, so you can look and feel renewed. We also select ingredients based on their beautifying properties, to help make your skin healthy, hydrated and bright.

And for us, taste is as important as substance. Everything we make is not only restorative, but also completely delicious. 

1Just as Virginia Woolf says in a ‘Room Of One’s Own’, and here we have to agree!