Every day, your food will be delivered directly to you and will include all the natural goodness you'll need for the whole day, including:

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, infused botanical beauty water, a daily detox juice and a boosting super snack.

None of our food contains any cow dairy or wheat and is very low in sugars, we never add any sugar, instead opting to only use those found in fresh fruits and vegetables

We offer 3 different Botanical Superfood Programmes for you to choose from according to your dietary requirements – or even just personal preference! No matter which one you pick, we’ve lovingly curated each to leave you feeling beautifully nourished, replenished, hydrated and youthful. 

Our Botanical Radiance Superfood Programmes


Each programme is bursting with flavour and colour; packed full of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, seeds and legumes. And we only ever use nut, plant or rice milks. Depending on which one you choose you may add goats & sheep's cheese & lean chicken, fish & prawns.

Our programmes can be ordered for a minimum of 3 or 5 weekdays, depending on your plans and schedule. This is because we believe weekends are often best enjoyed spontaneously, with mealtimes shared with family and friends.

And, because even the best-made plans don’t always go ahead, if you order more food than you actually need for the week, you can just suspend your order until the next convenient week.

Our food is prepared fresh, and we only ever serve it that way. So we’ll deliver everything to you on a daily basis, so you can enjoy our menus the way nature intended. Just choose a time and an address that’s convenient for you.

We’re here to remove all of the stress that comes with even thinking about eating healthily. Let alone the planning, prepping and shopping that follows.