At the heart of Spring Green lies the belief that perceptions of healthy eating need to change if we are all to feel, look and be our best selves.

This belief is passionately advocated by our founder, Bonnie Stowell. A chef dedicated to whole-food, nutrient-rich ingredients, she trained under Michelin-starred Matt Tomkinson, and tailor-makes diets for some of London’s most influential and creative people. She has quickly become an expert in designing inventive, delicious menus that are not only full of flair but also able to transform perceptions of what healthy food looks and tastes like.

More recently when her father, a seemingly fit and healthy man, was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, Bonnie devised a diet plan for him. Though he looked the picture of health, for many years he had worked late and eaten pre-packaged food almost every night of the week. Such foods are full of the sugars and processed ingredients that can contribute to the disease. Bonnie’s plan – combined with extra exercise – soon helped his sugar levels return to normal, leaving him looking younger and feeling better than ever.

It’s this keen awareness of the power of food to shape our health and beauty, combined with a love of exquisitely selected ingredients, which has fundamentally shaped the ethos of Spring Green.