Understanding our food is the key to staying beautiful, inside and out. It’s the fuel for our most vibrant, creative experiences – the fundamental ingredients of a life lived well. When the right foods are eaten in combination the benefits can be remarkable.

Nature is excellent at providing us with everything our body needs and incredible nutritional discoveries are being made all the time. However, due to stressful lives and a fast-paced world, it can be easy to neglect key ingredients that help us look and feel great.

And that’s where we come in. Each meal is carefully designed to provide the ideal balance of nutrients. So you feel brighter, more energetic and totally nourished after every single one.

The Spring Green Way

The principles of nutrition behind every meal we create:

1. Your diet is one of the best beauty treatments

It may be a cliché but; beauty really does come from within. Because skin cells are constantly renewed, any positive changes to your diet will soon show themselves in a glowing complexion. We choose beauty-boosting ingredients that aim to help the body produce collagen, maintain hydration and provide anti-oxidants that help protect the skin from UV damage.

2. Nutrients and vitamins are wonderful at multi-tasking

Not only do they keep our bodies functioning efficiently and support internal systems, they can also help encourage cell renewal, collagen production, and protect against UV rays. We put together food combinations that maximise these benefits.

3. Excess sugars can cause your skin to lose its glow

Simple sugars are found in white carbohydrates, fizzy drinks, fruit juice, ready meals or long-life meals and all vending machines! The speed with which they enter our blood stream causes our body to absorb them quickly and release the excess into the skin. When this happens, collagen & elastin fibres tie together and end up becoming hard. It’s this that can causes the skin to loses its elasticity and plumpness. Sugar is also addictive – you’ll find once you cut it out you won’t crave it anymore.

4. Carbs shouldn’t be cut completely

Our bodies need the right carbohydrates for slow release energy and nutrition. What we don’t need are the processed, sugar-filled ones, which are generally white, instead op for whole grain foods, as close to their natural, original form as possible.

5. Natural ingredients should stay natural

We cut unhealthy processed foods and only use nutrient-dense sugars found in fresh whole fruits and vegetables. We prefer our ingredients fresh, colourful and natural.

6. This isn’t about dieting

Diets generally have an expiry date, after which it is easy to return to old habits. Instead it’s about investing in your health and skin through lifestyle changes, and being provided with the right choices to do so. Plus our menus are so well curated there’s no need to calorie count.

7. Good fats should be embraced

The right fats are necessary and shouldn’t be avoided. Natural monounsaturated fats can help protect the heart and skin, and are an extremely beneficial part of our menus. The good fats we rely on include: avocado, nuts, nut oils, seeds, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, fatty or oily fish, goat and sheep cheeses, and organic non-GMO tofu.

With the advice of Registered Nutritionist Linda Albinsson Dip.CNM BSc (mBANT) - www.healthhug.me