The best diet delivery services by The Telegraph 2017

The best diet delivery services Read the full article at The Telegraph Published on 8th February 2017 Best diet delivery service for effortless ease Spring Green London   Great for...Spring Green’s Botanical Superfood Radiance Programme promises to leave you feeling more hydrated, lighter and brighter. None of the food contains...

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Is There Such a Thing as a Healthy Detox? by Bodyism July 2017

“What do I think of a detox? Well, everyone deserves a happy and healthy life. It breaks my heart that so many people don’t know what it feels like to be healthy, sleep well and have boundless energy. That’s why I’ve created the 9-Day Detox Box to transform your health, body and life in under two weeks. I also want to show you that the meaning of a detox has been ruined by so many. I’ve asked my favourite experts whether there is such a thing as a genuinely healthy detox” – James Duigan

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"I reversed my Dad's type 2 diabetes in just 4 months" by Net Doctor July 2017

Bonnie Stowell completely changed her father's diet following a shock diagnosis

Most of us know that eating healthily is important, but many people don't fully appreciating the importance of fuelling their body correctly until it is too late. One person who's seen the true transformational power of fresh, nutrient-rich, multitasking foods is Bonnie Stowell, chef and founder of food delivery service Spring Green London.

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