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“Once November hits, all my hard work feeling and looking healthy just goes down the drain….’.

It’s the time of year when a night in becomes a rarity. It’s also the time of year when the majority of our Bodyismclients tell the trainers that there is just no way they can keep being healthy. At Bodyism we want you to remember to always ‘be kind to yourself’ so that means absolving any feelings of guilt and shame over what you ate/drunk at last night’s Christmas party (although singing out-of-tune kareoke deserves full guilt and full shame). The easiest way to get through December whilst sticking to the Bodyism philosophy, is to prepare.

I sat down with Bonnie Stowell who set up Spring Green London, her homemade food delivery programme, so that busy people could still look and feel great with little fuss.

Why did you set up Spring Green London?
My dad got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a year before I started Spring Green London. He’s slim and athletic looking and so we were really shocked. When he was younger he played a lot of sport- so it came out of nowhere as we thought he was a really healthy guy. We went to the doctor and they wanted to give him medication. They didn’t give him any other advice.

We went away and started researching. For years, we told him to stop eating crap. He’d eat microwave meals, drunk so much coffee and never was caught in the kitchen. I started making him home cooked food and delivered it every day. Within four months of him sticking to this and getting his body moving, he had gone into remission! He now knows how to eat and live really well and absolutely loves it. A lot of my friends in busy jobs wanted me to do the same for them. So I started delivering food not just to dad but to others as well. That’s how Spring Green was set up!

What’s in your boxes?
All my boxes have no sugar added to them whatsoever. All the food is unprocessed, homemade, and is created with the intention to make you feel brighter, lighter and energised.
The box is a really great kickstart- it’s an instant health boost which helps get you into the mindset to enjoy healthy, nourishing, nutrient rich foods.

Why should we buy them?

Like Bodyism’s supplements, Spring Green offers a really easy way for you to learn what it means to be ‘kind to yourself’. Try it for three days along with a Bodyism shake and notice the changes.

Give us 5 ways to stay healthy over the busy festive season:
Chia pudding- This is the easiest thing ever and it’s a delicious easy breakfast. Just mix 1 tbsp of chia seeds with twice as much almond milk and a scoop of Body Brilliance. Mix it up and leave it overnight to take with you in the morning.
Makes a trail mix- Keep a tupperware at your desk and fill it with cacao nibs, any nut of your choice (it’s better toasted) and coconut chips- try it sprinkled with ½ a scoop of Protein Excellence or Berry Burn.
Quinoa Queen- Cook your quinoa in vegetable stock (I do double the amount of water to quinoa) and then you won’t even need to drain it. Always cook a big batch and keep it in a tupperware in your fridge. Then all you need to do is add anything you fancy the next day- avocado, tomatoes some nuts and seeds. Having the quinoa ready to go makes a packed lunch so easy.
Spice up your water- In the winter months, we never really feel like hydrating. So the best way to combat this is by just adding some ginger, mint or even some frozen berries into your bottle. It infuses the water and makes it much easier to drink.
Make time – I’m going to sound like a nag here but if you just halved the amount of time spent scrolling through Instagram or Facebook and spent it chopping up some veg and putting them in a tupperware or blending up your leftover veg and making a homemade soup, you’d be saving yourself time in the long run- my top tip to everyone is dedicate half an hour each week preparing some healthy food and keep it in your fridge so that you can reach for something far ‘kinder’ than a processed, sugar filled ‘convenience’ snack.

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Taken from the Bodyism website see original article here https://bodyism.com/blog/5-ways-stay-healthy-holidays/

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